Georgian Restaurants Expanding Delivery and Self Services Due to Coronavirus Measures


CSR in Georgian Food Industry


Precautionary guidelines are changing very fast in Georgia due to a current situation related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Even though there are very few cases so far confirmed in the country, government and doctors together with people work very hard on determination of strict measures. 


Hospitality sector’s situation is quite tough right now. Most of the hotels and café-restaurants have been closed temporarily, even though there was no official prohibition before the 20th of March, just the suggestions to stay home as much as possible. 


Food business took everything very responsibly with a high sense of social responsibility. From 20th of March government issued the new regulation to close down all kind of institutions (except groceries, pharmacies and banks), however most of the restaurants stopped working even before that. As they mention, civilians’ health is a top priority for them. 


Here you can see the list of some of the restaurants offering delivery and takeout models to their customers. It is worth to mention that they take care about their staff safety as well as protecting food safety rules with extra measures.



TEL: +995 555 947741; +995 555 670309; +995 593 171801; +995 593 767713

F: @chvenirestaurantandhostel

Note: Chveni offers own delivery service. When you call the restaurant, Chef Guram Baghdoshvili answers himself and helps you choose the dish. 


Chef’s Brothers

TEL: +995 322 903775




TEL: +995 598 888008; +995 32 2943300




TEL: +995 591 332277

F: @verikorestaurant


L’éclair De Genie 

TEL: +995 551 991155

F: @L'Eclair de Génie 

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