Tbilisi Wine Museum


The First Wine Museum in the Homeland of Wine


A place that tells the history of Georgia’s 8,000 years of wine-making. At Tbilisi wine museum, ethnographic ancient wine vessels will be presented. Visitors can see and taste wines of the large and small wine cellars. The museum will be interesting for both tourists and locals.


The wine museum is located on the lower floors of the Tbilisi History Museum and “Mantashevi’s row”.  The 17th-century “Karvasla” and its underground city still stands in the same way as it was hundreds of years ago without any significant damage and is considered as a historical monument. The Georgian brick, with arched architecture, springs water flowing through the halls of the ground to create an even more impressive underground space, where the first wine museum in Tbilisi is housed. The project was implemented by the Meidan Group initiative and with the direct consultation and involvement of the National Wine Agency.


Several underground halls of the museum are connected by bridges. During the excavation and refurbishment works, unique and previously unknown halls were added to the building, located beneath the level of Mtkvari River. Exhibition space has archaeological samples that prove the uniqueness of Georgian wine and the pitcher.


At the museum you will find:

Tbilisi Wine Museum already operates in test mode, however it will be officially opened on April 2020.


Location: 8 Sioni St, Tbilisi, Georgia


Lower ground floor of Karvasla