Top 5 Fusion Restaurants


Georgian Culinary Traditions With a Modern Twist


Fusion in gastronomy is a combination of different ethnic ingredients and culinary traditions with a modern twist, in order to establish the new dishes. This trend becomes more and more popular in Georgia, especially among locals. It is also attractive for the tourists to try the modernized Georgian dishes, therefore most of the restaurants in Georgia, especially the newly opened ones,  serve fusion menu.

Here is our choice for top 5 Georgian fusion restaurants.

 Cafe Littera

Café is located in the heart of Old Tbilisi, #13 Machabeli Str. in the garden of the historical building of the Writers’ House. They serve European cuisine with a touch of Modern Georgian dishes. You will be hosted by Chef Tekuna Gachechiladze, who is sometimes called the queen of fusion. The frequently changing menu might include filet mignon with wild mushrooms, or sea bass with a spinach and soy-ginger redaction. On a warm day, take pleasure in the astonishing green yard of the house as you dine with friends or a loved one in the century’s old calm. In this garden, poetry was always something, and now the poetry of taste has been added.


Restaurant “Barbarestan” represents a fine result of newly understanding a book

“Complete Cooking” published in 1914 by XIX century writer, poet and feminist - Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze.

The cuisine of Barbarestan Restaurant combines European and Asian tastes and colors, as Tbilisi does itself. The 19th century atmosphere is easily felt throughout both the interior and exterior. Barbarestan is located on Agmashenebeli Avenue, which in its time represented part of a German colony and which is now one of the most multi-ethnic streets in Tbilisi.

Guests will be met by convenient environment, Georgian tunes and dishes made of natural products. At Barbare’s you will be hosted by Kurasbediani family with 11 children and family members.

Barbarestan boasts tables with traditional tablecloths, gorgeous ceramics with grandmotherly motifs and modern shapes, antique mirrors hung on walls, a portrait of Jorjadze, reading glasses, a red ink pen, black and white photos, vintage furniture and a gastronomic magic journey.

In order to feel this ambience, you will have to visit Barbarestan yourself to enjoy
the brilliant service and hospitality provided by its staff, as well as to taste not only the excuisite dishes, but the epoch and culture too.



Much has been said and written about the bohemian life of 19th century Tbilisi, the old Meidan being one of the favourite neighborhoods with its markets and places to eat, where any social level people could go and try real Georgian traditional dishes and wine. 
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Tbilisi doucans and “Ortachala romantism” were replaced by hotels bars, where mostly new generation of Tbilisians and foreign guests gathered and tasted European dishes.
More than a century has passed since then, however Tbilisi still hosts many foreign guests and on one of the cozy streets of Old Tbilisi, Zdanevich Brothers’ Str. restaurant "Meama” brought unique Georgian dishes to life. Unique recipes in "Meama" are inspired with natural products only.
The cozy-authentic atmosphere, unique cuisine, the matching service of the Georgian host and the best Georgian music - these four elements’ harmonious touch creates the true Georgian feast at “Meama”.



Located in the forests of Kojori, 15 minutes from Tbilisi, the synthesis of an event hall and a restaurant, "Bioli Hall" sets a special model of nutrition. “Georgian Wellness” cuisine which was innovated in BIOLI has a great effect on improving quality-of-life as it represents a special combination of traditional Georgian flavor with wellness technologies of cooking. Fresh, natural products, grown up at the Bioli farm are especially rich in vitamins and elements. The food is enriched with endemic phyto elements (selected individually) and provides an anti-oxidative effect on the body. Chef cooks the dishes with his own interpretation, the dishes, which are healthy, delicious and bring aesthetic pleasure at the same time.

The menu for wellness guests is chosen individually based on medical diagnosis, by the recommendation of the Bioli nutritionist.



Located on the territory of the historical wine factory in Vere district, restaurant-salon “Veriko” has the ambience where you can feel the Georgian soul as soon as you enter the hall. The walls are decorated with the artworks of famous Georgian artists.

The polite staff guarantees a pleasant atmosphere, and master chefs create Georgian dishes with local fresh products. The menu is originally mixed, evoking both familiar and unfamiliar tastes, especially when paired with Georgian wine, which is offered with variety selection. 
Discover the history of the restaurant and useful information about the dishes and wine. Art and pleasant stories are part of Veriko and Georgian hospitality. This is the place, where you certainly will go back once you try.