Women in Hospitality

In an era when the hospitality industry faces many challenges, a much-needed organisation is championing and support women in the industry, they are Women in Hospitality (WOHO).

WOHO is a not-for-profit organisation that supports women working in the many facets of the hospitality industry – restaurateurs, chefs, waiters, sommeliers and business managers – throughout all stages of their careers.
The WOHO vision is to give women access to a supportive network that educates and provides access to mentors and forums to share information and experiences, discuss issues, find solutions and support one another to help nurture their careers and encourage longevity in the hospitality industry. According to Workplace Gender Equality Agency, women in Australia represent 51.8% of workers in the hospitality industry but only 15.4% of CEOs in the industry are women.
“It is a very exciting time for Australian hospitality which is now getting more recognition on the world stage,” says WOHO Founder and Chair Julia Campbell. “While our forward-thinking approach to food and concepts is well-recognised, it is imperative that we face the issue of female underrepresentation at a senior level in the industry. WOHO is a vehicle for us to inspire, recruit and retain more females and to give them the confidence to support themselves and each other in their professional development.”
WOHO run a program of year-round events, and also member created meet ups. The mentoring program is lead by accomplished industry stalwarts and high-profile women in hospitality including Christine Manfield, Danielle Alvarez and Nadine Ingram.
Members will pay $10 per month – apprentices will receive complimentary membership – for access to the WOHO website, events, access to mentors and discussions.
WOHO’s goal is to grow nationally and stand alongside other like-minded organisations to represent Australian hospitality on the international stage, as well as locally.
Women in Hospitality’s board is made up of pioneering women whose aim is to create a voice for female hospitality professionals and to facilitate a successful and rewarding career.
The board is comprised of Julia Campbell (Founder & Chair), Anna Pavoni (Ormeggio), Jane Hyland (4fourteen), Claire van Vuuren (Bloodwood), Jane Strode (Bistrode CBD), Lisa Hobbs (Dedes Group), Lisa Margan (Margan Estate), Kerrie McCallum (delicious and Stellar), Lyndey Milan (OAM) and Michelle Maiale (A Tavola).