Chef Konstantin Tedeluri


38 E. Tatishvili St.
100 თბილისი


+995 599 90 40 43


  • Konstantin Tedeluri, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

Looking for a cookery adventure? A space where you are the main hero of the play? Then try this one-table restaurant, where Chef Constantin Tedeluri will cook just for you; sharing the creative process of his kitchen, aiming to inspire. What you will be served is a surprise and every visit is new story for you alone. “I wanted the maximum closeness of a guest to the creative workspace; exclusivity in each meal. I went for minimalism, warmth and delicious food in one room and at one table for all,” says the Chef. His cookery performance for us sees a story of sturgeon with pumpkin, raspberries and blackberries, sour cream and coconut soup and aubergine. You never know what you will get, but it is sure to be a highquality, well-prepared, technologically thought-out performance.

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