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13.5 / 20


Mukhrani village, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, 3300 მცხეთა

ტრადიციული საფირმო სამზარეულო გაერთიანებული თანამედროვე

The elegant white castle was designed by French architects at the request of the noble Mukhranbatoni family. Completed in 1885, its beauty is truly striking even today. In summer and early autumn, the territory of Chateau Mukhrani looks like a fairytale, especially during the harvest celebration. The magic of the period, when the new wine is being created, is hard to describe. Better to arrange a visit to the Chateau, to see the field work and industrial part of the winery for yourself. Head down into the darkness of the cellars and smell the time and labor that are corked in the barrels there… The most outstanding regional wines of Chateau Mukhrani are Goruli Mtsvane (white dry), Tavkveri (red dry) and Shavkapito (red dry). Of course, there are more Georgian grapes, and even locally planted Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc, but those are from the Kartli region, born, grown and cultivated in this soil. The richness of Georgian nature processed in the European manner – that’s what makes them taste so extraordinary

Selected by Gault&Millau Selection
13.5 / 20

Chef Konstantin Tedeluri

38 E. Tatishvili St., 100 თბილისი

საფირმო სამზარეულო

Looking for a cookery adventure? A space where you are the main hero of the play? Then try this one-table restaurant, where Chef Constantin Tedeluri will cook just for you; sharing the creative process of his kitchen, aiming to inspire. What you will be served is a surprise and every visit is new story for you alone. “I wanted the maximum closeness of a guest to the creative workspace; exclusivity in each meal. I went for minimalism, warmth and delicious food in one room and at one table for all,” says the Chef. His cookery performance for us sees a story of sturgeon with pumpkin, raspberries and blackberries, sour cream and coconut soup and aubergine. You never know what you will get, but it is sure to be a highquality, well-prepared, technologically thought-out performance.

Selected by Gault&Millau Selection
11.5 / 20

Salobie BIA

14 Ivane Machabeli St., 100 თბილისი

საფირმო სამზარეულო ტრადიციული

Beans are popular countrywide in Georgia and feature in numerous different dishes. Bia offers the most delicious options, coming from a chef who truly understands the art of the bean. The simple and original interior provides a calm backdrop to your culinary adventure, as here you can taste forgotten and revived traditions, such as millet ‘tsulspira,’ used in Georgia before beans became popular. Don’t try to resist dessert: the white plum sorbet with white chocolate is divine and not to be missed!


24 Rustaveli St., 6000 ბათუმი

თანამედროვე ტრადიციული გაერთიანებული საფირმო სამზარეულო

Sakhli is a cozy place in center of Batumi with a great home-style environment, offering an avant-garde take on the country’s classic dishes and flavors alongside modern international cuisine, reasonable pricing and great service!