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13.5 / 20


Mukhrani village, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, 3300 მცხეთა

ტრადიციული საფირმო სამზარეულო გაერთიანებული თანამედროვე

The elegant white castle was designed by French architects at the request of the noble Mukhranbatoni family. Completed in 1885, its beauty is truly striking even today. In summer and early autumn, the territory of Chateau Mukhrani looks like a fairytale, especially during the harvest celebration. The magic of the period, when the new wine is being created, is hard to describe. Better to arrange a visit to the Chateau, to see the field work and industrial part of the winery for yourself. Head down into the darkness of the cellars and smell the time and labor that are corked in the barrels there… The most outstanding regional wines of Chateau Mukhrani are Goruli Mtsvane (white dry), Tavkveri (red dry) and Shavkapito (red dry). Of course, there are more Georgian grapes, and even locally planted Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc, but those are from the Kartli region, born, grown and cultivated in this soil. The richness of Georgian nature processed in the European manner – that’s what makes them taste so extraordinary

Selected by Gault&Millau Selection
13 / 20


132 D. Aghmashenebeli ave., 100 თბილისი

გაერთიანებული თანამედროვე ტრადიციული

The 19th century was an era of female empowerment, a time of courage and an age of discovery. Even though women often had to exist behind the scenes, they managed to leave an inimitable trace in literature, and to influence the life and society of their motherland. This is our Barbare – Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze – a 19th century writer, poet and feminist who was inquisitive to the last; a woman who lived life in perpetual motion, and the author of The Complete Cuisine, which set a new course for gaonomy in Georgia. The family behind the Barbarestan restaurant have revived her cuisine by basing their menu on her cookbook. The 19th century atmosphere is easily felt throughout both the interior and exterior. On Agmashenebeli Avenue, which in its time represented part of a German colony and which is now one of the most multi-ethnic streets in Tbilisi, Barbarestan boasts tables laid with traditional tablecloths, taper candles, and gorgeous ceramics with grandmotherly motifs and modern shapes. Antique mirrors hang in clusters on walls of exposed brick. In a dining nook, a portrait of Jorjadze presides over a small shrine to the lady: candelabra, reading glasses, a red ink pen. To get a real sense of her magic, though, you’ll have to visit Barbarestan yourself: you’ll enjoy the brilliant service and hospitality provided by its staff, not to mention the exquisite cuisine.

Selected by Gault&Millau Selection
13 / 20

The Dining Room

38 Zakaria Paliashvili St, 100 თბილისი


A great choice for business meetings, a space for making decisions, signing agreements, getting things right: and the right decisions need the right food to fuel them. This modern European kitchen presents the vision of the chef, pleasant service, and a choice of wine and other beverages. Enjoy well-cooked steak, ravioli, soups, and finish with a freshly-made dessert.


24 Rustaveli St., 6000 ბათუმი

თანამედროვე ტრადიციული გაერთიანებული საფირმო სამზარეულო

Sakhli is a cozy place in center of Batumi with a great home-style environment, offering an avant-garde take on the country’s classic dishes and flavors alongside modern international cuisine, reasonable pricing and great service!


1 Abo Tbileli St, 100 თბილისი

ევროპული თანამედროვე

Decorating various spaces with old things in Tbilisi has become rather trendy and a bit commonplace; rare is the locale which conceptually suits such a vintage interior, a new vividness of old things and coziness. One such is “Purpur” where the interior is so correlated with content that the lost stylishness of things on the contrary creates new and interesting associations. If you want to plan a romantic supper surrounded by old style candelabras giving warm and intimate illumination, then this place is for you, with its bohemian mood, lots of flowers and many colors. Though the menu is somewhat limited, they do a nice salmon with fresh vegetables, mildly spiced rice and sauce, and fillet of beef. The wine choice is also good.