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The 19th century was an era of female empowerment, a time of courage and an age of discovery. Even though women often had to exist behind the scenes, they managed to leave an inimitable trace in literature, and to influence the life and society of their motherland. This is our Barbare – Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze – a 19th century writer, poet and feminist who was inquisitive to the last; a woman who lived life in perpetual motion, and the author of The Complete Cuisine, which set a new course for gaonomy in Georgia. The family behind the Barbarestan restaurant have revived her cuisine by basing their menu on her cookbook. The 19th century atmosphere is easily felt throughout both the interior and exterior. On Agmashenebeli Avenue, which in its time represented part of a German colony and which is now one of the most multi-ethnic streets in Tbilisi, Barbarestan boasts tables laid with traditional tablecloths, taper candles, and gorgeous ceramics with grandmotherly motifs and modern shapes. Antique mirrors hang in clusters on walls of exposed brick. In a dining nook, a portrait of Jorjadze presides over a small shrine to the lady: candelabra, reading glasses, a red ink pen. To get a real sense of her magic, though, you’ll have to visit Barbarestan yourself: you’ll enjoy the brilliant service and hospitality provided by its staff, not to mention the exquisite cuisine.


132 D. Aghmashenebeli ave.
100 თბილისი


+995 32 294 37 79

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Monday  08:00 - 23:00
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Friday  08:00 - 23:00
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24 Tamar Chovelidze St, 100 თბილისი

ტრადიციული გაერთიანებული

ZALA (Guest room) is a restaurant of young and talented people, who delight in audacious experiments that are sometimes strange and debatable, but certainly interesting and creative. The youthful mood is seen not only in the design but also in the menu: a simple, comprehensive and delicious concept of Georgian cuisine. Top on our list is the panna cotta of boiled grape juice. In short, if you want to encourage the future of Georgian cuisine, then ZALA will be pleased to welcome you.

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12 / 20


4 Elene Akvhlediani Agmarti, 100 თბილისი


Vinotel’s restaurant is a joy for the culinary heart, offering a great menu with Georgian raw material in a European style. Don’t go anywhere else if you’re into fine dining or want a romantic date. Wine-curious visitors can order a special wine tasting – the certified sommelier will give you a tour of their in-house red-brick wine cellar and a solid introduction to the Georgian wine culture.

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14 / 20


1 Petriashvili St., 100 თბილისი

ქუჩის საკვები

Restaurant-Salon “Veriko” is located on the territory of the historical wine factory, in Vere district. You can feel the Georgian soul as soon as you enter the hall, decorated in the works of famous Georgian artists and with the focus picture of Veriko herself. The polite staff guarantee a pleasant atmosphere, and master chefs create Georgian dishes with local fresh products. The menu is originally mixed, evoking both familiar and unfamiliar tastes, especially when paired with Georgian wine. Discover the history of the restaurant and useful information about the dishes and wine. Art and pleasant stories are part of Veriko and Georgian hospitality.